Pig Suet

The other day my friend Lisa asked if I wanted some pig suet. Some of her neighbours had just killed pig and they didn’t want the suet. I said yes and next day, I got over 2k of lovely fresh pig suet. Apparently, it keeps for a 6-8 months in the fridge and more than a year in the freezer……good job too because 2k is lot of suet!

I was a pretty radical vegetarian for about 30years and then something happened about 10 years ago and suddenly, it felt ok to eat meat again…..more on that another time…..but right now, my feelings about meat are quite passive. If it comes along, I buy/cook/eat it. That might sound weird if you normally go to a butcher for your meat, but its a bit different around here.

Right now, in the freezer, I have a couple of legs of goat that I bought of my neighbour Jorge earlier this year. I have a couple of kilos of pork – I passed a neighbour’s house when he was cutting up a 200k pig so I asked if I could buy some from him. He plied me with rakai and hot wine and then cut a big chunk off the pig – wouldn’t let me pay. One day, Lisa said that some one in her village was killing a cow – did I want some? I ordered 2 kilos of mince. The duck and the chicken we had for Xmas dinner were plucked that morning.

plucking the chicken for xmas dinner

Back to the suet – the other day I had half a pan of soup left so I made a few dumplings just to try out the suet. They were so good, I didn’t eat the soup….just the 4 dumplings. There’s a possibility I could live on dumplings this winter.

Have to go and make some bread now.


About lifeinvoditsa

I come from Newcastle in England and I live in the great little village of Voditsa in Bulgaria. I love my life here and I want to share it with as many people as possible. Over the past 5 years, I had loads of volunteers, guests and visitors who have all fallen in love with the place - some of them have bought property here and now live here. My life couldn't be more different from the four years I spent in Manchester before coming here - I grow my own food, make my own jams and chutnies, preserve things, drink my own alcohol, dance on the tables at the village parties, go to the woods with my neighbours to fell trees for the winter and hibernate during the very real Eastern European winter.
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