Tarot and snow

We went to visit some friends in Cherven for New Year – it’s about an hour from here, in normal weather but when we set off on Saturday evening, the blizzard had been in action for most of the day. I suggested to Dancho that we put a bag of sand in the boot as the car is rear wheel drive and it turned out to be quite useful! The journey there was OK but by the time we got to the track leading to the house, the car sort of gave up. The snow was about 8 or 9 inches deep and the car just wouldn’t go. We walked and arrived just in time for a bowl of hot goulash.

new year ddiner with Ian and Kate

We had a great night with the neighbours, setting of a load of fireworks in the garden at midnight and then, because Kate is from Austria, we then all waltzed around on the snowy lawn.

Next day, we finally got it together to leave about 2pm – blue skies, bright sunshine and lots of snow. The car started ok but after about 200metres, the track went slightly up and the car slid across the road. It then took us about 45minutes to go 500metres but…..fortunatley, we had a bag of sand in the boot!

The journey was slow, very bright and beautiful. We only came off the road once and Dancho, who had a wonderful hangover, was a ‘great’ backseat driver.

where did that one go?

I’m getting into the Tarot now – every morning I do a quick reading – mostly with an open, blank mind, not trying to to think of anything specific. Its been so interesting and inspiring. I get a lot of the same cards each time that are all about positive thinking, intuition, spirituality,creative thoughts, progress and long term happiness and success.  Sometimes, I ask a specific question, that brings up new cards and new thoughts. But its all been very relevant – a reflection for myself, positive introspective on my self and my life and a very positive perspective on the future.

The sun is shining now, the snow is glittering but I dont hear any drips so it must still be very cold outside – maybe I’ll get out of bed soon, go and get some wood, put the fire on in the other room and make some marmalade.



About lifeinvoditsa

I come from Newcastle in England and I live in the great little village of Voditsa in Bulgaria. I love my life here and I want to share it with as many people as possible. Over the past 5 years, I had loads of volunteers, guests and visitors who have all fallen in love with the place - some of them have bought property here and now live here. My life couldn't be more different from the four years I spent in Manchester before coming here - I grow my own food, make my own jams and chutnies, preserve things, drink my own alcohol, dance on the tables at the village parties, go to the woods with my neighbours to fell trees for the winter and hibernate during the very real Eastern European winter.
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