Sun, snow and three legged animals

sunrise this morning

I had an email today from a friend in Glasgow – she said she was weary of the wind, rain and grey skies. Then I listened to the radio with news of storms and other nasty things all over the UK. It wasn’t quite like that here today.

Elly came up to visit and we went for a walk. Lots of snow on the ground and the temperature was about zero but the sun was shining and the sky was blue – it was gorgeous. We tramped over some fields and started noticing a load of tracks. Some of them were obviously some kind of dog – maybe a wolf because they were big prints, not jackals because they were single and jackals usually hang about in packs. But there were a load that we just couldn’t figure out – they looked like some kind of three legged creature.

something with 3 legs?

I should have put something here for perspective – this set was about 50cm long and there were lots, in lines. I must research animal tracks.

We then walked over a ploughed field but because of the snow, we couldn’t see the big troughs between the big piles of earth so we fell down a lot! I dont understand how snow fills holes to the same level as the snow around it??

We met some friends from the village out for a walk (riskotka in Bulgarian) and then some

any ideas?

guys with a lovely white horse and cart gathering wood.  We had an interesting conversation about what 2012 might bring and wondered if anything might really happen this year.  If you accept that its really arrogant and stupid to think that we are the only living creatures in the Universe then you maybe also have to wonder how long we’ve been the ‘main’ living creatures on this planet. When do we think our history began? Not just a couple of thousand years ago.

I’m being really attracted to the idea that there have been massive civilisations here before and for whatever reason and by whatever means, they got wiped out. I’m also interested in the theories put forward by Von Daniken in Chariot of the Gods that aliens visited the Mayans and others……..and that they’re coming back. Maybe that’s why the Mayan

elly in the snow

calendar ends – that’s when they come back. Wouldn’t that be amazing if a whole load of creatures from another planet/galaxy came here, right on time, next December. I think we need something else to think about on this planet – something bigger than our petty wars and economic ‘crisis’ . Of course they might not be very happy with what they find……

Just in case it does happen, I’m going to have a cellar full of food and I’m going to improve my basic survival skills. I do have a great advantage in living in the back of beyond in Bulgaria.

Meanwhile, I am eating yet more of my wonderful pig suet dumplings – the soup was just a

the lime tree in the sunset



About lifeinvoditsa

I come from Newcastle in England and I live in the great little village of Voditsa in Bulgaria. I love my life here and I want to share it with as many people as possible. Over the past 5 years, I had loads of volunteers, guests and visitors who have all fallen in love with the place - some of them have bought property here and now live here. My life couldn't be more different from the four years I spent in Manchester before coming here - I grow my own food, make my own jams and chutnies, preserve things, drink my own alcohol, dance on the tables at the village parties, go to the woods with my neighbours to fell trees for the winter and hibernate during the very real Eastern European winter.
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