2nd Christmas dinner

It rained all day on Friday – just about the first day of rain since early October. It began melting the snow but the next day, that rain turned back to snow and we now have another foot of snow covering the land. This morning, there was a white-out – a freezing white, snow filled, frosty mist. No glorious sunrise today. This could be the beginning of the main January winter – I wonder if we’ll hit -30 this year?

Last Friday we had our second Christmas dinner with Lisa, Euan and Rueben and the food was all so great that its worth listing what we had:

  • Roast leg of goat cooked slowly with garlic and herbs – done to perfection
  • Roast potatoes from Lisa’s garden cooked in goose fat
  • Yorkshire Puddings – an essential of any roast dinner
  • Sweet boiled carrots with basil
  • A treat of frozen peas
  • A wonderful mash of white turnips, pumpkin and Jerusalem artichokes – all from the garden
  • Fantastic gravy

Then we has two deserts – Lisa made a lovely, moist Christmas pud with dark beer, with a Rakia flame and Elly made a simply delicious baked white chocolate cheesecake.

Elly also made xmas crackers with a load of recycled xmas paper with very useful little gifts inside like a safety pin, an elastic band and a plaster with a picture on it. We also had charades to act out.

A lovely evening and we were suitably full as you only can be after a Christmas dinner.

I’ve spent the day today sorting out the website in relation to our holidays that we’re offering next year – A Tour around Village Life. I have such a rubbish internet connection here that its taken most of the day. We had such good fun last year with the first Tour – everyone in the village loved it and we hope more people will want to have a different and quite alternative holiday. Anyone who has any suggestions as to where I can advertise this, please let me know.

I’m making marmalade today. No bitter Seville oranges here but I put lots of lemon in – looking forward to breakfast.




About lifeinvoditsa

I come from Newcastle in England and I live in the great little village of Voditsa in Bulgaria. I love my life here and I want to share it with as many people as possible. Over the past 5 years, I had loads of volunteers, guests and visitors who have all fallen in love with the place - some of them have bought property here and now live here. My life couldn't be more different from the four years I spent in Manchester before coming here - I grow my own food, make my own jams and chutnies, preserve things, drink my own alcohol, dance on the tables at the village parties, go to the woods with my neighbours to fell trees for the winter and hibernate during the very real Eastern European winter.
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