Hi – my name is Kathy. I come from Newcastle upon Tyne in England but I now live in a lovely little village in Bulgaria, called Voditsa. This blog is about my life here and at the moment, it is snowing…a lot.

I came to live here about 5 years ago…for lots of reasons – I have a fairly short attention span when it comes to life – I like to move and live in different places and unexpectedly, the opportunity arose for me to live in Voditsa. My daughter, who was a Graduate Engineer at the time, had bought this house for the amazing sum of £5000 and I agreed to come and live in it for a few years while she got her career together.

I’ve had a pretty exciting and interesting time over these last few years – with virtually no money and no steady income, the property has slowly been transformed, the barn has been restored and the field now has a new life as a beautiful garden. My daughter took a sabbatical from her career and came to live here in the spring of 2011 and one of our reasons for making this blog is to share our life.

We live in a lovely place where life pretty much goes on as it has for decades; where the climate is challenging -30 to +45 is a big range of temperature; our neighbours are brilliant; we grow and eat fabulous food and slowly more and more interesting people are coming to live here too.

We dont want to subscribe to the materialist, capitalist perspective on life so we’ve stepped out of it. I dont think I ever fully engaged with it even when I was working and living in it and my daughter now views this as an opportunity to learn some real skills in life – like how to build and repair things, how to grow your own food, how to kill a chicken, how to build a house from natural materials and how to keep yourself alive and warm in January here!

We both feel that something is going to happen in this world in the near future that will shake everything up – it has to really, because the way that people generally live right now is unsustainable and it’s just generally not nice. We certainly feel that we have a place here where we can feel a degree of safety and assuming that we physically survive whatever apocalyptic thing happens, then we’ll be able to keep ourselves alive here. More on my thoughts about the apocalypse later  ……..

Another reason for doing this blog is to talk about our new business venture ‘A Tour Around a Little Village’. We started this last year and our first guests loved it – again, more on that later. I’m watching the snow fall very hard outside and thinking about the journey this evening to visit some friends about an hour away, for New Year. We’ll need snow chains on but at least the snow covers the potholes.

Enough for now – I need to figure out how this blog stuff works and fix up my home page so you can all see what I’m talking about.


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