Tours around Village Life

Have you ever been on a train or a bus in some foreign country, on your way from one city

Baba Tsonka and Stefan, the village policeman

to the next, and looked out the window at the passing villages? Have you ever wondered what goes on there? How do people live? What do they do all day? No hostels or hotels, no B&B, probably not even near a train station… is there much chance of you getting answers to those questions?

Ask yourself what you really found out about a place when you look through all your photos of churches, palaces, museums, cities? Did you go into anyone’s house in the countries that you visited? Did you find out how they live? Did you speak to a local? Did you hang out with a load of other travellers, sharing tales of where you’ve been and where you’re going and forget about where you actually are?

It’s not easy to look beneath the surface level of any new place but we’d like to help you. I live in a typical Bulgarian village and I’m now delighted to offer a very alternative holiday – a tour around life here.

my neighbours ploughing their field

Village life is fascinating! It’s an exciting mix of tradition and modernity – ploughing the fields with a horse and watching TV online for example. Or young people who know all the latest pop songs as well as all the traditional dances. It’s like any other culture that’s new and different – it’s fascinating and we want to know more. Over the last few years, the things that my visitors have been the most interested in, have been about life in the village – what are the houses like inside, how do they manage the land and the animals, how do they preserve all the food, what do they do in winter, what was life like here before???

one of my neighbours

On our Tour, we will provide opportunities for you to meet local people; visit them in their houses; eat with the neighbours; learn about making Rakia and preserving food for the winter; spend time on and around the farm and also around the village. You’ll learn about the difference between life now, during Communist times and before that. We’ll introduce you to traditional Bulgarian dancing and singing and incorporate walks in the wonderful forests nearby.

Whatever you are interested in, we can show a new version of it – maybe you’re interested in machinery – there are a number of small family businesses going on in the many outhouses – lots of interesting, oily, communist built machines. Or what about preserving – meat, fruit, vegetables, making yoghurt? How about old cars and bikes? Lots of communist era stuff – Volga, Trabant, Moscovitch plus any number of 40 year old motorbikes. Knitting, spinning and weaving? Making alcohol?

We run a couple of tours at set times of the year, with a maximum number of 8 but we can tailor a tour to suit your time although there may be a minimum number. More photos and information will be appearing here soon.

The cost is £300 per person for comfortable camping accommodation and great food for 6 nights and a full itinerary. Details of dates at



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